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Cubase 4 Studio Educational!!!

2008-07-16 00:04:50 by Flash-MX

So I just picked up a nice little nifty program to add to my collection here,

I figured I might give a little insight into this tool;

If you have some decent VSTs or MIDI files etc, this becomes an even more powerful tool,
Whats more is the nice little layout and incredible degrees of customizing your tracks etc.

Aaaand, you can syncronize with video too!

I got this online from sweetwater at 199, which I'm comfortable in saying is a steal for the true power of it. Will be buying the full version after a while of using this one, which costs a whopping 400$!!

Reason 4 cost just as much and that nearly sent me into "bankruptcy" lol

Well for anyone who reads this, Cubase 4 is def. worth the 200 if you can dish em out.


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