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2007-12-29 13:11:57 by Flash-MX

Hey guys! Ive now begun scores for games and movies, if you want samples there are some in my audio submission, I charge nothing whatsoever, so PM me for info!


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2007-12-31 00:35:42

Hey man, thanks for all the kind comments. :) I actually fixed the volume on the one track and re-uploaded it. For the other one, not much I can do there since I made the song about three years ago and don't have the source file for it. :S


2008-01-01 01:54:20

hey man, thanks for the review I appreciate it. I actually use a yamaha piano and record using midi and audacity. I know what you mean though...I will try to get used to the machine more haha thanks again


2008-01-02 17:16:38

ok i got you your remix i did'n have time to put a beat because it was hard
i could not find a beat that gos with you piano so i done it as a robot thing
you go to this link here you see what i'am talking a bout. n/114854


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