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Let the Reviews begin...

2008-01-03 22:38:00 by Flash-MX

Right so, finally ive found some good use to useless time to review all your given songs! I will usually review all the new entries, but comment here if you want me to review your music/loop/song etc. I have some partial training with my dad (ex record company employee) etc. etc., in other words, ill write out a pretty lenghty thing for you to read so you can love it or hate it, whatever. Im always up for a collab/game
score etc.

BTW. Im starting a new Flash Game Project (or reviving it rather) called "Metropolis" its an RPG basically... so yea if you wanna help me out somehow, or you know a guy who knows a guy in Actionscript, im down. Always.

Thats it for this time, 'til the next episode.


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2008-01-04 01:48:42

If you like to write reviews, (flash or audio) you sould join the review request club 83448


2008-01-09 04:56:37

In case I haven't already mentioned this, thanks for the reviews! :)
Really appreciate the input (from anybody, especially since I'm a dark ambient musician trying to break into the wonderful world of acid/techno, so every suggestion is helpful). :D


2008-01-16 18:33:39

hey man, Im from Stone Oak... on the North east side of San Antonio...
where are you from?

Flash-MX responds:

Castle Hills over by Churchill High


2008-01-23 23:45:32

hey thanks for that review on my one submission. I'd appreciate if you'd review the other ones i have.


2008-02-09 20:16:36



2008-03-25 15:40:48

Check out some of my stuff. I'm also working on a RPG game. Im allright at AS. Do you use Flash MX or one of the newer ones? I use flash cs3


2008-07-15 00:03:43

I'd like a review: n/158104